Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Wedding ~~ Sivary and Julien

Hey Guys ! I'm VERY VERY sorry for the long absence.
I have some exams and I spend my time watching Pretty Little Liars ! /shame on me but Wren and Ezra are awesome, aren't they ? /
I want as teacher like Ezra ( like this, I will have good marks ) and a doctor like Wren with his sexy british accent <3 .

A lovely pic' :
 ( Wren / Julian Morris ) 

OK , i stop with this because PLL ( or Wren if you want ) is not the topic !

I want to talk about this WONDERFUL WEDDING
Sivary and Julien  invite us to celebrate this wedding in Vaujoly ( in France )

Far from Paris, in this campaign,  we enjoy the picturesque landscape !
( without Wi-Fi , lol )

Cambodian Ceremony:

We distribute fruit baskets to Sivary and Julien

Fruits Basket

Julien and Sivary in traditionnal costumes

We tie a thread around the wrist of Juju ans Sisi

French Ceremony:


Sivary and Tylan ( left ) and Temy ( right )

Mommy, ME, Julien, Sivary, Vincent, Daddy


Canapé and appéritifs

My Mommy is beautiful with her Ao Dai ! ( traditionnal vietnamese costume )

This eggs are freaking delicious !

Mommy <3

Dinner, surprise, dance:

I decorate this cage with my bro Vincent

Jean ( my cousin) and me

Yum Yum






Sumo : Alix ( blue )VS Vincent ( red )

Red Vincent win !

Love salmon and olive !

Sivy Sumo !

I have past a very good wedding ! It was perfect ! Sivary and Julien are so cute ~ and I hope to have a lovely wedding too =) .

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