Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Skin care routine

1/ Neutrogena Skin Stress Control

When I wake up ( if I have time of course ) , I use Neutrogena Skin Stress Control or his brother Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub.

However, I dont use a lot this latter because I really hate his smell , I feel put bleach on my face and it dries my skin ! Hiek ! But, it reduces my Blackhead. 

Neutrogena Skin Control is nicer because firstly it smells cucumber and freshness earn my face !

It looks like this in France.


Let's apply ~

2/ Nivea Mousse Nettoyante Onctueuse 

I heart this Cleaning Foam !!
To smooth out the mists of sleep, Nivea create this Foam enchant the cleaning thanks to its delicious smell and texture.
 Pressure is sufficient to transform the lotion in a cloud of incredibly soft foam.

Me and my lovely lotion

Pshiit pshiit, it's magic !


Thanks for readind ~~

NB : why "scare" because I look like an alien ( words  game rotten hello )   like this 8D !

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