Saturday, December 22, 2012

Before the end of the world ?

Mouhaha, i still alive //sbong// ... it's just to introduce what I did during this month ~

3/12/12 : SFX 
                      All religions, all ages combined, all sources were gathered in one place. In the church of Saint-André, a mass of  St. Francis Xavier was celebrate. We were well received although some of us are not Christian. The theme of the Mass spoke of the Service, the love that people give us serving without expecting a return.
After the Mass, we returned in classes and I volunteered to distribute "croissants" to primary school ~~ Croissants ( pastries )  are a symbol of sharing and exchange.
Then, the release of balloons in the yard gathered all of us together.

Each balloon was carrying a written message for each class.
"The balloons are gone but our writings remain".

Preparation of Croissants

Plants in Primary School

Release of Balloons

Go away ~
I have to wait 12 years to understand the real symbol of this release. Like this balloons on air, after highshool, each one have to choose a new path. We fly in the dark, in fear, but the wind of freedom takes us to new things.

New earrings

Quietly, I did my math exercises (congrences for those who know, D) ,
when my mom suddenly landed in my room ...
She brought me a little package with this ... 
Two lovely seahorses to my ears ~~ I really love my Maman !!

 By the way , how to revise an oral of Latin ??
... having fun with nail polish (Yeah i'm a very serious guy LOL ) 

15/12/12 : Restaurant with family

             Let's preparate myself ! 

Guerlain and me <3 
Beautiful, isn't it ?

My bro Vincent ( with black pull ) ans my cousin Rémi

Temy <3

Gangnam Style presents by Tylan xD

Yum Yum

I love their pull :)
19/12/12: Noel by my classmates
We don't have Xmas tree ^^'

How to miss a math class !

Our Mascots ~ ( My maths teacher love to play with our stars haha )

20/12/12: Restos du coeur

" The comedian and actor Coluche launched the idea of the Restos du Cœur on 26 September 1985. "I have a little idea, a bit like this... If there are people who would be interested in sponsoring a free soup kitchen, we'd start first in Paris and then spread to France's big cities." The first of the Restos opened on 21 December and soon multiplied all over the country. The goal of the founders was to give away 2,000 to 3,000 meals per day; 8.5 million alone were distributed the first winter. The initiative was supported by a song written by the songwriter and singer Jean-Jacques Goldman called 'Les Restos du Cœur', which included some of the lyrics being sung or read out by other celebrities. A televised show allowed the organization to collect several million francs.
Coluche pleaded for the Restos' cause at the European Parliament in February 1986 after learning that surplus products cost more to store than to distribute for free to the poor; his plea was heard and the surplus was opened in 1987 to four organizations.
France has a huge housing problem and it is charitable organizations like this that stops hundreds of homeless people dying each winter " ( by Wikipedia ) 

According to me, my high school sends us Humanitarian days . I choose Restos du Coeur because i really love this idea and I like Coluche and Jean-Jacques Goldman 's idea !



I distrib rices .




My friends Dania and Candice
Tribute to Coluche, the creator of Restos du coeur.

21/12/12:Galeries Lafayettes

I love love La Durée !!

... ans mainly their macarons ( Fleur d'oranger is the best flavor haha )

Let's go to Galeries Lafayette to for Xmas Shopping

Cinderella vietnamese ? wtf ? xD

( let me dream )

I want this shoes !!

Made by Swarovski 

I LOVE their sandwich with their special ham !

The paradise !

I want this bag !!!! ( now xD )

Smile maman !

I love the rose dress <3 !

New : Les Incroyables !!!!

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