Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flash Mob Oppan Gangnam Style


" Eh sexy lady Oppan gangnam style "

If ever you  walked quietly in Paris, at  Trocadero, you would have seen extravagant people with   multicolored dress ,cats' ear,  wigs, cosplay , horror costumes ...  all this people prepare something
is it a gathering of people crazy manga fans?

No, it is something more: a flash mob Oppan Gangnam Style ~

And I was there ^^ (admittedly I danced in last line xD )

I tried to take an extravagant outfit too, so  I pulled out  my American flag pants BSX (Korean brand sponsored by Big Bang * O *) and  my  T-shirt and hat EDC .   I borrowed  my brother's waistcoat and scarf. I wanted to recreate the 2NE1's style  if you know what I mean !

I participated in this Flash mob with my friends Chérine, Candice, Dania and  Doriane !

If you want to see the flash-mob : )

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