Friday, September 28, 2012

The end of October 2012

MONDAY 24 : You know ... i don't realy like sport ! I let you imagine my face when i wake up and I realize I have to run 1600 meter !!! Moreover, it's raining today !!! >____<
After, two hours of sports, a freaking evaluation of latin starts !
Fortunately, badminton decontracts me after 4 hours of biology and physic.
( Badminton, riding, tennis, Ping Pong are rare sports that I like )

TUESDAY 25 : Nothing ... Oh no !! The professor is going to give our maths exams ! Oh my Fucking *** , i have missed this, it's the end of the world ... Finally, it's not a bad job 8D ... but the physics test is HORRIBLE O_O !

WEDNESDAY 26: English test -o- . Afternoon,  my little cousins come in my house :)

Hélène and Ravy

THURSDAY 27:  Nothing Special

FRIDAY 28 :  My friends Candice and Elodie jump to me to give my presents ( 3 months later ) !
I'm VERY VERY happy when I see a lovely T-shirt assorted with bracelets and necklace =D !
I love indian style !
I take some photos, hope you enjoy it !

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